Tuesday, 25 October 2011


So i was planning on doing editorial illustration for this project, but after about a week of trying to analyse magazine articles and not coming up with any ideas i decided to switch to book covers. I chose to do 5 book covers for works by George Orwell.

Cover for 1984.

Here's the next one, a cover for Animal Farm. 

...and the next one, a cover for Burmese days.

Nearly done, been working on the cover for Coming up for air, not sure which colour scheme works best, suggestions??

im stuck on the last one, theres two books i can choose from; 'The clergymans daughter' and 'Keep the aspadistra flying'. These are the ideas i've come up with so far, the problem is that the shapes ive used wont work in the same way i've done the other ones.

i'm aware of the spelling mistake...

final cover for keep the aspidistra flying.

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